xrayWe place a heavy importance on your first two visits to our office, we ask that you set aside 45min for these appointments (which is longer than your following routine appointments will be). A lot needs to take place for us to fully understand your situation, and for you to fully understand how we can help you with your health goals and answer any questions you may have; so that you may feel completely at ease with your health care decisions.

Patient Forms

Before you meet with one of the Dr.s we ask that you complete our new patient forms. You are welcome to come in early and fill them out in our office prior to your appointment. Or if you’d like to save 15 min we have provided a “Patient Forms” link for you to download and complete at home for your convenience. You can fax, email, or physically bring the forms in on your appointment date. This paperwork is vital for the Dr.’s to assess your unique situation, including your health history and current condition.


Once your paperwork is reviewed you will have a consultation with Dr. Ross or Dr. Shauna. Here we will discuss your current situation, future health goals, and how chiropractic care and spinal rehab can help you. Following the consultation the Dr. will explain what testing and examinations will be performed in order for us to get a thorough picture of your condition and to accurately determine what steps to take to help you achieve your health goals. Your wellbeing is our first objective, so the Dr.’s will make sure you understand and are completely comfortable with the exam to follow.


If through the consultation it is determined that you are likely to benefit from chiropractic care, we move forward with the diagnostic process. The Dr. will conduct a complete non-invasive examination including neurologic, orthopedic, physical and postural tests (we ask you to wear loose comfortable clothing for your comfort during the process). Full Spine X-Rays are utilized at Driftless Chiropractic and Spinal Rehab in order to visualize and analyze the spine as a whole. Physiologically each area influences the other, we must address the structure of the spine as a whole (just as the foundation of a building has an effect on the structural integrity of the floors above it). Together, all of the exams performed determine the CAUSE of you problem and give the Dr.’s a clear picture of what we can do to help your individual case. Throughout the consultation and exam we strive to communicate effectively, answering questions along the way, so that you can more fully participate in your care and reaching your health goals.


By the end of your first visit we will have the information needed to complete your patient specific care plan, and will schedule you for your 2nd visit with us (where we will go over your report of findings followed by your first adjustment with us). At Driftless Chiropractic and Spinal Rehab the Dr.’s do not adjust on the first visit, as it is important for Dr. Ross and Dr. Shauna to give your case the time it deserves by thoroughly going over your X-Rays and exam findings to formulate a specific care plan for you and your specific diagnosis. Our two-visit approach reduces the length of your first visit, gives us time to analyze the findings, and avoids overloading you with too much information in one sitting. Anything worth doing right is worth waiting for!