“I would like to thank you for overall support of my well-being. Your professionalism and courtesy is outstanding. When I thought life was getting pretty hard and painful you have given back to me normalcy.
After a doctor told me I had two choices:
1. An 8 hour surgery immobilizing my neck or
2. Live with the pain.
I figured life would never be the same. Then I ran into your booth at a local Farmer’s Market. I figured I had nothing to lose…. did not realize how much I had to gain…thank you! I would simply tell anyone thinking about seeking your services that I cannot say enough about the miracle you have given me. Thank you for my health and wellness!”



“Dr. Ross and Dr. Shauna have given me hope in my recovery. I value that they look at the body as a whole, integrative system. Their approach has been one I have been searching for and am so thankful to have finally found! They address the cause of whatever issues you are having and attack it from the root. Not only do they have a reason for the treatment they provide you with, but they explain it to you in a way that you can understand. I am grateful for the service(s) they provide and would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone considering seeing a chiropractor.”



“Don’t live with pain! I’m bullheaded and would consider myself somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to Chiropractors.  Typically I would bare the pain and tough it out for 3-4 weeks.  All the time sleeping on the floor, icing and popping ibuprofen like candy.  After speaking to Dr. Ross for just a few minutes and listening to how the ‘Driftless’ approach was totally different from the treatments that I had received in the past.  I decided to give it a try, that choice was the best thing I have ever done for my back.  I knew more about my spine/body and why I was having issues after that first visit then all of my visits to other offices combined.  After only one session I experienced pain relief.  They took the time to show and explain to me the course of action for my personal treatment plan.  I can’t tell you the confidence this instilled in me. My treatments consist of adjustments that provide immediate pain relief, corrective traction which addresses my posture and alignment, and custom exercises to strengthen my problematic areas. With a goal of curing me instead of treating me for life, I have and will continue to recommend Driftless Chiropractic to my friends and family.”



“Common sense. It’s about common sense. Once the necessary adjustments have been made in a gentle, compassionate way,  with great attention paid to the information gathered from the x-rays, Doctor Ross and Dr Shauna lead me through a series of “soft” exercises that are focused on strengthening the traumatized parts of the body, These exercises have been designed specifically to help me strengthen my body, straighten my spine and improve my muscle tone. AND they are simple enough that I can do them at home without any more equipment than a length of rubber tubing. Yes it takes more time than a “traditional” chiropractic treatment but the results are worth it. I feel much more relaxed after a session and I feel prepared to use the exercises on my own, on an as needed basis. Doctors Shauna and Ross are eager to help and are ready to share their knowledge and expertise with me if I have a question. And the music is good, too. It is a common sense method of chiropractic care.”



“I am very pleased with the care I have received at Driftless chiropractic.  Dr. Ross & Dr. Shauna truly care about helping.  They spend a great deal of time at the consultation, explaining your x-rays and ways to treat.  I never feel rushed.  The adjustments are for your whole spine.  The treatment is tailored to your needs.  I also love the icing treatment after the adjustment.  I never find time to do it at home, so to offer it there is a great benefit to me.  This has been totally different than prior chiropractic treatment, where I felt I was rushed in & out!”



“I have been seeing Drs. Shauna and Ross since Fall 2015.  I met them at the Folk Fest in August 2015 and was impressed with what they had to say.  I have been suffering with the aftereffects of neurological lyme disease and physical trauma and am slowly getting relief from pain and increasing range of motion.  I decided to see these doctors when I learned of their approach of adjustments, traction, and exercises that can be done at home.  This fits with my philosophy of treating things holistically and no other Chiropractor I have visited in the past used all of these things.  I have and will continue to recommend these Doctors to others who are motivated and interested in this type of treatment.”



“Without the xrays and follow up, I wouldn’t have know the extent of my problems.  I really needed more than just an adjustment.  I have been getting therapies and it makes me much more aware of my posture and doing simple exercises has strengthened my back and neck. There is a lot of education and TLC so thanks Dr. Ross and Dr Shauna for your expertise!”



“I’ve been going to Driftless Chiropractic for about two months.  I switched from another chiropractor in the area and found Driftless to be a better value and they offer more comprehensive care, including traction, exercises, and icing as additional options above and beyond what you expect from them.  They also have a beautiful, spa-like facility.”



“I learned of Driftless Chiropractic and Spinal Rehab at owners Shauna and Ross Mundinger’s booth at Great Rivers Folk Fest this past summer. For a month, I’d been suffering from head-to-toe pain on my left side. I’d tried every alternative I could think of, including acupuncture and another chiropractor, and was increasing the frequency of my yoga practices. Nothing worked, and I was taking the little blue pain pills daily.  Ross Muninger took X-rays, which showed I have curvature in several places and deteriorated discs in the lower back area. As I live an hour away, I was not willing to commute to the office for frequent treatments so he and Shauna taught me several exercises I can do at home between treatments about once a month. At the same time, I went to my primary physician, who sent me to physical therapy at Vernon Memorial. The therapist’s findings basically lined up with the Mundingers’ findings, and she gave me more exercises, subtracted some yoga positions that were doing more harm than good at the time, and taught my husband to help with some movements. Driftless Chiropractic is different from other chiropractors I have seen in the past because the Mundingers teach clients how they can manage their pain, and, in time, correct some of the issues. I know that some of my damage, such as deteriorated discs, will not go away. But with all these tools, I know what I can do and what I should not do, so I can manage the pain and dramatically decrease dependence on pain pills. ”