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Phase 2 Corrective Care addresses structural changes such as curve restoration.

Phase 1: Relief Care

Many people first seek out chiropractic care because they are in pain, and the first phases goal is to address just that by reducing your symptoms and thus helping you feel better. This phase usually requires more frequent visits for a shorter period of time. However, there is a common misconception that once the pain is gone one is now healthy and the issue is fixed. Quite the contrary, pain is simply a symptom of the problem, a symptom that typically appears long after the problem starts and is therefore a very bad indicator of ones health status. For an example one can look at certain cases of heart attacks; it is preceded by years of plaque build up on the arterial walls which gives no symptoms of pain (no pain but they are surely not in a state of health), the pain doesn’t come until years later when the condition is advanced and the heart attack takes place. Same is true for cancers, cavities, diabetes, and spinal issues; pain comes long after the source of the problem. Since pain is the last symptom to appear, it is also the first symptom to clear up. So even though your symptom of pain has gone by the end of this phase of your chiropractic care, the underlying cause of that pain still remains.

PrintPhase 2: Corrective Care

This is the most involved and important phase on your path to health. It involves commitment on your part as the patient to take control of your health. Aside from the commitment of time in the office doing exercises, stretches, and CBP™ traction; you may have exercises and tractions to perform at home to assist in your healing. Eliminating the pain in phase 1 is easy, and is where some chiropractors stop; phase 2 is where the real healing begins and the underlying  structural cause is addressed to prevent reoccurring injury and problems for you in the future. In our office this phase aims to regain the ideal curves and structure of your spine through the use of Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP™), the most scientifically validated technique in chiropractic! Driftless Chiropractic and Spinal Rehab is proud to stake claim as the only chiropractic clinic in the La Crosse area with certifications in CBP™.

Phase 3: Maintenance Care

Following the completion of your corrective care your spinal curves are in their ideal ranges and your body has fully healed. At this point it is important to maintain this state of wellness through periodic adjustments, depending on your lifestyle only 1-4 times a month. Just like a car in good working order still needs oil changes and tire rotations to maintain it’s level of ‘health’; you too need to maintain your optimal musculoskeletal system through routine chiropractic visits. Through this phase your joints will remain healthy and you will avoid the reoccurrence of past issues, enabling you to participate in the activities you enjoy.